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30 mars 2013

the troll belongs to dara tribe

Like darla tribe

Active areas: south China sea, mainly in dara island), minority in the valley of thorns

Categories: troll to classification


Leader: rasta ahab the King [King Rastakhan]


First is that the troll belongs to dara tribe, which is the origin of all other troll race. By and large, dara promoting knowledge is greater than all, but part of the race important members are more eager to conquer. This part has a rebellious spirit of trolls finally from durham separated out of the tribe. As time slips, praise dara tribes evolved into the troll pastor of ethnic groups. Praise dara people preserve the troll race of history, they strive to achieve the goal of the troll unity.


Make all trolls respect most is great dara people day after day, people still keep the formation of the political system. Praise dara on average eight feet in height, and bloody, dhaka, trolls, their trolls are slightly larger than kin (other troll general 7 feet tall). With praise darla is inversely proportional to the size and profound knowledge, they are not set up Kings system, nor seek authority.

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28 mars 2013

the automatic learning all kinds of weapon

After the return to the hall place to walk another road, pay attention to the elite machine bird gnome group and non elite. make each task reward points newbie village task talent, new village click


level normal computing tasks over talent.

6: the normal attack can not directly increase your runic power.

7: death knights build number, tribal alliance were allocated to two independentwow gold   copies, each other can't meet, after complete newbie village black


front fortress change for similar shacheng not attack mode.

8: the death knight was born after all the business skills of 0, the automatic learning all kinds of weapons   wow gold kaufen, first aid and skills in 270.

9: death knights can dual wield weapons take shield, usable weapons as: single hand hammer, axes and two-handed axes and two-handed maces, one hand


one-handed weapons, two-handed swords, long-handled sword.

10: the death knight for 3 kinds of reiki blood, frost, evil, respectively, to open any aura will not affect the use, and itself can only be at the


same time open a reiki (which can be understood as the paladin's auras).

Death knight wallpaper (24) 11: death knights have no T1, T6 and D1 - D4

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26 mars 2013

Lightning throne random copy what you have to know

Hand normal outbreaks, samana that before with dragon heads down bloody dragon roar is CD, direct use, 2 door before if meat grinder with A BOSS as far as possible to save 3 dozen nu, bloody dragon roar try to hang on wow gold     BOSS, small three began to blame, blame only the following 3 give up whirlwind of big strange to play free wind, give priority to slay the monster, because if the quicksand poison hockey couldn't hit small blame, just please use whirlwind, position first, then the output, if the BOSS call charge you big surprise to no one place, bears the door because I was assigned to the mage, so single output, output rage shaman DBM suggest lightning totem will leave current position first, and then output.


P2 to behind for remote and treatment are afraid of Angle of naming the light, so this time can point melee, throwing 30 seconds CD is certainly not enough, whirlwind can be hit and beat back,  wow gold kaufen but sometimes bad position can play less than, so need small darts at this time. Ready to pour sarcasm and sword in person in after T

Lightning throne random copy what you have to know:

Lightning throne random difficulty opening time: every Tuesday to open new areas)

Team finder on March 19, the difficulty in the first part of the "great dara" slipped unlock - are open to the public

March 26 - team finder difficulty is the second part of "forgotten" deep unlocked

April 9 - team finder "house of cultivate one's morality" unlock difficulty part 3

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22 mars 2013

Exile minister fled to the north

Sunken temple sad swamp 44 - level 50

In the years before one thousand, the powerful kingdom of ancient rabbah what was destroyed by a large-scale civil war. Part is called atta troll priest's attempts to god in the soul of ancient blood raiders back to this world. While the priest was defeated and eventually into exile, the great kingdom apart. Exile minister fled to the north, came to the sad swamp.


 For he built a great temple, where they expected to put the card back to the world. Great guardian dragon iser la o understand the plan and will destroy the temple's sink into the swamp. Today, the sunken temple ruins by the green dragon guard and prevent anyone enter or go out. However, there are some atta lai troll survived out of iser's anger and to award their dedication and resurrection, career. Upper limit of ten people


Blackstone, the deep hot valley and burning plain between 48-56

Blackstone, the deep great capital city, was once the dark iron dwarves in the volcanic maze now ragnar Ross flame the Lord's throne is located. Ragnar Ross found using stone and plans to create an unbeatable stones per capita for blackstone to help it to overcome the abyss. Even need to defeat and his Long Zilong lawadvantage sun, ragnar Ross will at all costs to achieve the final victory. Upper limit of ten people

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20 mars 2013

buy the new mount scarlet original

1. Use the gold COINS to buy belt and courage to buy 496 grade, 476 grade cloak and the ring

Prestige to respect when you can use COINS to buy 476 grade belt, popularity can reach a reverence and worship with the courage to buy 496 rating cloak and the ring

2. Can be purchased for a single scene campaign "lightning the details (wow gold     view) of the hidden treasure", the king of the props

3. Reputation when worship, can buy the new mount scarlet original Angle of dragon

Scarlet: primitive fear of longhorn


Popularity open back to write on top of it

Players on-line automatic retrieval task after the "call of thunder," to mantis plateau such defensibly   wow gold kaufen WeiYing guided by the NPC to Raytheon island, then you can received the new daily tasks, a new reputation officially open. Task will reward items beacon seize the day, 15 minutes CD is used to transfer players back to camp, seize the day, if lost this item can be purchased at the quartermaster, can only be used on the island of thor.

Quartermaster position:


Thor island, the first stage, the tribes in the lower left corner to the surface of the island as combat, players can through the transfer of a ship like treasure into the island's task. When unlocking the second phase, complete a single scenario campaign "raid assist layout drawing", after the tribe in cape set up camp by morning, and as a base to continue in the thor on the island of battle. Here will be against the king of the lightning stronghold, orders, provide logistics services to the players.

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18 mars 2013

I recommend using bloodbath giants erupted

Unsafe blood line 6, no skills, don't play, SS after the outbreak of another round of saving embers, then slammed up beat, drag against fighters, SS after any control of the mess is fatal, battle SS, spell is quality wow gold    in the heart, if often deceived to the charge, will adjust to the idea, mid-range SS is very good, high SS is a tiger.


For monks talent, I recommend using bloodbath giants erupted after 1 minute skills with shock is very strong.


1 hands charge lethal shock again, then the giant and fighting broke out, the monk dizzy after must disarm or touch of karma, and then the tiger, timely shield wall and flags to run road, drag over time, as the two bloody CD broke out again


2 monks full health to CanXie soon, don't need to worry about blood pressure fit, make good use of boxing, monk is spell can silence.

3 monk killing fighters LianZhao is play after touch of samsara,  wow gold kaufen  the sunrise if have SaoTangTui dizzy, this chapter LianZhao didn't die, so play the monk, chapter must be kept to less than 35%.

Monk is weak at present, this occupation, in general, as long as you avoid good monk white tiger, is playing well, it is a professional set can't, won respect for opponents, hope will damage BUFF monks


6 Iswifty classmates also puts forward his views on the shadow priest, sp first fear, his tendency and not violent wrath, chapter solution directly, such as power out, to rage, and then again after the silence to break the gallbladder;

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14 mars 2013

strip equipment use your impact

Asked why: 1. The statistics only the inflammation and explosion combustion DOT and DOT, if prostatitis DOT about 6 seconds. So light DOT equal to 6 seconds you put burning in 6 seconds = 4 seconds = 2 seconds to put combustion. As long as no one will disturb light spell hit the target. 6 seconds every time sent out of the burning damage is the same, regardless of the method to build SP or time to trigger).



Answer: do a very simple test. You strip equipment use your impact. Wait for 1 second and then burning. Then, burn a CD to use your wait 2 seconds, and then put fire. You will find that the burn damage is the same. One conclusion to behind.


Ask: why 2. When you burn a CD within 2 seconds. After 2 seconds can release combustion, before if you fireball. Inflammation. Has a trigger can crit so many times in this 2 seconds waiting for burning CDS to burn a CD that can be released during the combustion could fill a bomb and read a fireball but to ensure that fire to burn out before. Because it is very likely the fireball is no crit so burn injury will be greatly reduced.


Answer: when lit crit 4 times or more consecutive fireball and bums and inflammation detonation combustion total damage will be provided by the DOT around a normal combustion with a ball of fire. Normal combustion reference conclusion 4. Note: the instructions say four times four is not necessarily true expression means many consecutive crit. Then it is worth waiting for 2 seconds, burn a CD.

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12 mars 2013

os Dan mir island monster raging

Hill cave:

The cruelty of the snowman lived in these caves. Only fearless adventurer can find a way out in the terrible creature surrounded.

Of course, I is such a adventurer. I know your shoulderwow gold    the mission, but I can't resist the temptation of a perfect hunting opportunity. How much the dwarf killed a snowman? I found a single footprint of the snowman, mountain track. I finally found it, this is a large white creature, with two big horns. I hate my shotgun - it will only aggravate the snowman and swoops down to make it to come!

I fired two shots before I pulled out of the meat. After a snow man lying on the ground, I was hurt so bad. But I win! I saw off a horn only reserved for memorial.

Luo Dan lake:

The lake is very large, occupied much of the Midwest lordaeron. S in the past, the lake is   wow gold kaufena kingdom of lordaeron, fresh water and fish resources.

Now, los Dan mir island monster raging, lakeshore has been contaminated by fucking dead. The lake bordering five regions, and the connectivity of these areas.

If natural disasters fleet through the mir Dan, then to pray for the holy light bless hillsbrad.After 4, 74, first go to the alliance or horde LianJi hotel in the area found a blood elf, will be directly transmitted to dalaran.

1) tribes: the borean tundra - > warsong fortress - > care division, carat ni jia pock, DE > magic kingdom dalaran

2) alliance: wind howling fjord - > utes lagarde castle - > archmage ai sass, seize the day 'image - > magic kingdom dalaran

3) neutral: progenitor tak - > care division yunus robot iii - > magic kingdom dalaran

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09 mars 2013

The ancient fortress is located

Petrochemical forest:

This broad area lies in the south of felwood, at the end of the trees and ancient trees have been turned to stone. Rock bodies in these tree spirit they granite face permanent marker on the expression of fear, they maintained pose, seems to be experienced some kind of nightmare.

Wood throat fortress:

The ancient fortress is located in the east of felwood border bear blame. This vast and messy, legends can lead to the depths of the sea in Galveston holy mountain. Since bear strange abandoned here many years ago, no one knows for sure how big is it. Undead and often wander in the darkness of the corridor, and cursed bears wandering in the deep fault. If this is not the only way to winter spring valley in Galveston holy mountain and sea, smart travelers will detour.

Edit this section

In some places

Sartre, demons and enthusiasts are major felwood occupiers. Every day and the night elves in the effort to try to re-establish a foothold. Tribe also has looked at this area.

Felwood forest

Blood poison outpost

(outpost, 200) : this outpost is small, but heavily guarded, a tribal only foothold in the local. It is more or less the tauren facilities, but also has a lot of the orcs. Because it's too close to Gardner, the guards from morning till night in with the evil minions fighting in the city.

Die kimura

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07 mars 2013

Cap and frozen throne


Kj yells will be resistant to Mr Face of crystal cast to azeroth. Hard ice crystals split the night, fall in the desolate arctic continent, buried deep in the YuBingGuan river, frozen crystal, violent fall distortion trauma, become like a throne, resistance to Mr Face of the spirit of vengeance soon in a restless. In the frozen throne inside, resistance towow gold    Mr Face began to stretch his broad sense touch arctic indigenous soul. His effortless to enslave many native soul, including ice trolls and violent snow strange, and he put them into his fellow evil "growing shadow. His mental energy that is almost infinite, he used they set up a small army, he lived in cap twists and turns in the maze. As the lich king in dread Lord solid guard to grasp the growing ability, he found a living in the edge of the dragon rot soil remote human tribes. Abrupt fantasy, resistance to Mr Face decision in these defenseless humans test his power.



Resistance to Mr Face to the arctic wilderness launched a derived from the frozen throne of deep within the undead plague. Only his mind control, he will plague into human village. In three days, in the village of every man was dead, but a short time, the death of the villagers stood up and become a vampire. Resistance to Mr ZuKe to feel they each soul and as you think. Resistance to Mr Fathers in the consciousness of the crazy voice prompted him to increase more energy, as if they  wow gold kaufen provide him with the need of nutrition. He found that children can play like as the control action and follow one's inclinations command them.


The coming months, resistance to Mr Face to continue through the pollution arctic each human village test his undead plague. With the increasing of the army of the undead, he knew his true time to test.

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