22 mars 2010

Something's going wow

I'm also tasked to find out what exactly caused all these spirits to retain some semblance of physical form, as well as caused all the wow gold   elementals to swarm the village. I find the remnants of a mana bomb in the village, so there's the culprit. Damn Blood Elves.image

The other-Krasus's Compendium-was stolen before Kael'thas's attack by a rebellious apprentice of Vargoth that sought to practice and research necromancy. The archmage asks me to retrieve the various chapters from the ruins of Kirin'Var. For a brief while I'm worried that it's going to be another one of those 'kill for random page drops' quests (Damn you, Hemet Nesingwary!) but it turns out that the chapters are clickable objects in the world. I'm thankful.

This starts a quest chain. There's  cheap wow gold something unnatural about the ghosts in the upper part of Kirin'Var-uh, other than the fact that they're undead, that is. Something's going wrong, and we (a Shaman buddy and myself) go to investigate. There's a device hidden in a barn that seems to be corrupting the ghosts somehow, and one of the sane spirits back at the Violet Tower believes it's a necromantic focus.

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