07 mars 2013

Cap and frozen throne


Kj yells will be resistant to Mr Face of crystal cast to azeroth. Hard ice crystals split the night, fall in the desolate arctic continent, buried deep in the YuBingGuan river, frozen crystal, violent fall distortion trauma, become like a throne, resistance to Mr Face of the spirit of vengeance soon in a restless. In the frozen throne inside, resistance towow gold    Mr Face began to stretch his broad sense touch arctic indigenous soul. His effortless to enslave many native soul, including ice trolls and violent snow strange, and he put them into his fellow evil "growing shadow. His mental energy that is almost infinite, he used they set up a small army, he lived in cap twists and turns in the maze. As the lich king in dread Lord solid guard to grasp the growing ability, he found a living in the edge of the dragon rot soil remote human tribes. Abrupt fantasy, resistance to Mr Face decision in these defenseless humans test his power.



Resistance to Mr Face to the arctic wilderness launched a derived from the frozen throne of deep within the undead plague. Only his mind control, he will plague into human village. In three days, in the village of every man was dead, but a short time, the death of the villagers stood up and become a vampire. Resistance to Mr ZuKe to feel they each soul and as you think. Resistance to Mr Fathers in the consciousness of the crazy voice prompted him to increase more energy, as if they  wow gold kaufen provide him with the need of nutrition. He found that children can play like as the control action and follow one's inclinations command them.


The coming months, resistance to Mr Face to continue through the pollution arctic each human village test his undead plague. With the increasing of the army of the undead, he knew his true time to test.

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