09 mars 2013

The ancient fortress is located

Petrochemical forest:

This broad area lies in the south of felwood, at the end of the trees and ancient trees have been turned to stone. Rock bodies in these tree spirit they granite face permanent marker on the expression of fear, they maintained pose, seems to be experienced some kind of nightmare.

Wood throat fortress:

The ancient fortress is located in the east of felwood border bear blame. This vast and messy, legends can lead to the depths of the sea in Galveston holy mountain. Since bear strange abandoned here many years ago, no one knows for sure how big is it. Undead and often wander in the darkness of the corridor, and cursed bears wandering in the deep fault. If this is not the only way to winter spring valley in Galveston holy mountain and sea, smart travelers will detour.

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In some places

Sartre, demons and enthusiasts are major felwood occupiers. Every day and the night elves in the effort to try to re-establish a foothold. Tribe also has looked at this area.

Felwood forest

Blood poison outpost

(outpost, 200) : this outpost is small, but heavily guarded, a tribal only foothold in the local. It is more or less the tauren facilities, but also has a lot of the orcs. Because it's too close to Gardner, the guards from morning till night in with the evil minions fighting in the city.

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