12 mars 2013

os Dan mir island monster raging

Hill cave:

The cruelty of the snowman lived in these caves. Only fearless adventurer can find a way out in the terrible creature surrounded.

Of course, I is such a adventurer. I know your shoulderwow gold    the mission, but I can't resist the temptation of a perfect hunting opportunity. How much the dwarf killed a snowman? I found a single footprint of the snowman, mountain track. I finally found it, this is a large white creature, with two big horns. I hate my shotgun - it will only aggravate the snowman and swoops down to make it to come!

I fired two shots before I pulled out of the meat. After a snow man lying on the ground, I was hurt so bad. But I win! I saw off a horn only reserved for memorial.

Luo Dan lake:

The lake is very large, occupied much of the Midwest lordaeron. S in the past, the lake is   wow gold kaufena kingdom of lordaeron, fresh water and fish resources.

Now, los Dan mir island monster raging, lakeshore has been contaminated by fucking dead. The lake bordering five regions, and the connectivity of these areas.

If natural disasters fleet through the mir Dan, then to pray for the holy light bless hillsbrad.After 4, 74, first go to the alliance or horde LianJi hotel in the area found a blood elf, will be directly transmitted to dalaran.

1) tribes: the borean tundra - > warsong fortress - > care division, carat ni jia pock, DE > magic kingdom dalaran

2) alliance: wind howling fjord - > utes lagarde castle - > archmage ai sass, seize the day 'image - > magic kingdom dalaran

3) neutral: progenitor tak - > care division yunus robot iii - > magic kingdom dalaran

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