14 mars 2013

strip equipment use your impact

Asked why: 1. The statistics only the inflammation and explosion combustion DOT and DOT, if prostatitis DOT about 6 seconds. So light DOT equal to 6 seconds you put burning in 6 seconds = 4 seconds = 2 seconds to put combustion. As long as no one will disturb light spell hit the target. 6 seconds every time sent out of the burning damage is the same, regardless of the method to build SP or time to trigger).



Answer: do a very simple test. You strip equipment use your impact. Wait for 1 second and then burning. Then, burn a CD to use your wait 2 seconds, and then put fire. You will find that the burn damage is the same. One conclusion to behind.


Ask: why 2. When you burn a CD within 2 seconds. After 2 seconds can release combustion, before if you fireball. Inflammation. Has a trigger can crit so many times in this 2 seconds waiting for burning CDS to burn a CD that can be released during the combustion could fill a bomb and read a fireball but to ensure that fire to burn out before. Because it is very likely the fireball is no crit so burn injury will be greatly reduced.


Answer: when lit crit 4 times or more consecutive fireball and bums and inflammation detonation combustion total damage will be provided by the DOT around a normal combustion with a ball of fire. Normal combustion reference conclusion 4. Note: the instructions say four times four is not necessarily true expression means many consecutive crit. Then it is worth waiting for 2 seconds, burn a CD.

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