18 mars 2013

I recommend using bloodbath giants erupted

Unsafe blood line 6, no skills, don't play, SS after the outbreak of another round of saving embers, then slammed up beat, drag against fighters, SS after any control of the mess is fatal, battle SS, spell is quality wow gold    in the heart, if often deceived to the charge, will adjust to the idea, mid-range SS is very good, high SS is a tiger.


For monks talent, I recommend using bloodbath giants erupted after 1 minute skills with shock is very strong.


1 hands charge lethal shock again, then the giant and fighting broke out, the monk dizzy after must disarm or touch of karma, and then the tiger, timely shield wall and flags to run road, drag over time, as the two bloody CD broke out again


2 monks full health to CanXie soon, don't need to worry about blood pressure fit, make good use of boxing, monk is spell can silence.

3 monk killing fighters LianZhao is play after touch of samsara,  wow gold kaufen  the sunrise if have SaoTangTui dizzy, this chapter LianZhao didn't die, so play the monk, chapter must be kept to less than 35%.

Monk is weak at present, this occupation, in general, as long as you avoid good monk white tiger, is playing well, it is a professional set can't, won respect for opponents, hope will damage BUFF monks


6 Iswifty classmates also puts forward his views on the shadow priest, sp first fear, his tendency and not violent wrath, chapter solution directly, such as power out, to rage, and then again after the silence to break the gallbladder;

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