20 mars 2013

buy the new mount scarlet original

1. Use the gold COINS to buy belt and courage to buy 496 grade, 476 grade cloak and the ring

Prestige to respect when you can use COINS to buy 476 grade belt, popularity can reach a reverence and worship with the courage to buy 496 rating cloak and the ring

2. Can be purchased for a single scene campaign "lightning the details (wow gold     view) of the hidden treasure", the king of the props

3. Reputation when worship, can buy the new mount scarlet original Angle of dragon

Scarlet: primitive fear of longhorn


Popularity open back to write on top of it

Players on-line automatic retrieval task after the "call of thunder," to mantis plateau such defensibly   wow gold kaufen WeiYing guided by the NPC to Raytheon island, then you can received the new daily tasks, a new reputation officially open. Task will reward items beacon seize the day, 15 minutes CD is used to transfer players back to camp, seize the day, if lost this item can be purchased at the quartermaster, can only be used on the island of thor.

Quartermaster position:


Thor island, the first stage, the tribes in the lower left corner to the surface of the island as combat, players can through the transfer of a ship like treasure into the island's task. When unlocking the second phase, complete a single scenario campaign "raid assist layout drawing", after the tribe in cape set up camp by morning, and as a base to continue in the thor on the island of battle. Here will be against the king of the lightning stronghold, orders, provide logistics services to the players.

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