22 mars 2013

Exile minister fled to the north

Sunken temple sad swamp 44 - level 50

In the years before one thousand, the powerful kingdom of ancient rabbah what was destroyed by a large-scale civil war. Part is called atta troll priest's attempts to god in the soul of ancient blood raiders back to this world. While the priest was defeated and eventually into exile, the great kingdom apart. Exile minister fled to the north, came to the sad swamp.


 For he built a great temple, where they expected to put the card back to the world. Great guardian dragon iser la o understand the plan and will destroy the temple's sink into the swamp. Today, the sunken temple ruins by the green dragon guard and prevent anyone enter or go out. However, there are some atta lai troll survived out of iser's anger and to award their dedication and resurrection, career. Upper limit of ten people


Blackstone, the deep hot valley and burning plain between 48-56

Blackstone, the deep great capital city, was once the dark iron dwarves in the volcanic maze now ragnar Ross flame the Lord's throne is located. Ragnar Ross found using stone and plans to create an unbeatable stones per capita for blackstone to help it to overcome the abyss. Even need to defeat and his Long Zilong lawadvantage sun, ragnar Ross will at all costs to achieve the final victory. Upper limit of ten people

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