26 mars 2013

Lightning throne random copy what you have to know

Hand normal outbreaks, samana that before with dragon heads down bloody dragon roar is CD, direct use, 2 door before if meat grinder with A BOSS as far as possible to save 3 dozen nu, bloody dragon roar try to hang on wow gold     BOSS, small three began to blame, blame only the following 3 give up whirlwind of big strange to play free wind, give priority to slay the monster, because if the quicksand poison hockey couldn't hit small blame, just please use whirlwind, position first, then the output, if the BOSS call charge you big surprise to no one place, bears the door because I was assigned to the mage, so single output, output rage shaman DBM suggest lightning totem will leave current position first, and then output.


P2 to behind for remote and treatment are afraid of Angle of naming the light, so this time can point melee, throwing 30 seconds CD is certainly not enough, whirlwind can be hit and beat back,  wow gold kaufen but sometimes bad position can play less than, so need small darts at this time. Ready to pour sarcasm and sword in person in after T

Lightning throne random copy what you have to know:

Lightning throne random difficulty opening time: every Tuesday to open new areas)

Team finder on March 19, the difficulty in the first part of the "great dara" slipped unlock - are open to the public

March 26 - team finder difficulty is the second part of "forgotten" deep unlocked

April 9 - team finder "house of cultivate one's morality" unlock difficulty part 3

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