28 mars 2013

the automatic learning all kinds of weapon

After the return to the hall place to walk another road, pay attention to the elite machine bird gnome group and non elite. make each task reward points newbie village task talent, new village click


level normal computing tasks over talent.

6: the normal attack can not directly increase your runic power.

7: death knights build number, tribal alliance were allocated to two independentwow gold   copies, each other can't meet, after complete newbie village black


front fortress change for similar shacheng not attack mode.

8: the death knight was born after all the business skills of 0, the automatic learning all kinds of weapons   wow gold kaufen, first aid and skills in 270.

9: death knights can dual wield weapons take shield, usable weapons as: single hand hammer, axes and two-handed axes and two-handed maces, one hand


one-handed weapons, two-handed swords, long-handled sword.

10: the death knight for 3 kinds of reiki blood, frost, evil, respectively, to open any aura will not affect the use, and itself can only be at the


same time open a reiki (which can be understood as the paladin's auras).

Death knight wallpaper (24) 11: death knights have no T1, T6 and D1 - D4

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