30 mars 2013

the troll belongs to dara tribe

Like darla tribe

Active areas: south China sea, mainly in dara island), minority in the valley of thorns

Categories: troll to classification


Leader: rasta ahab the King [King Rastakhan]


First is that the troll belongs to dara tribe, which is the origin of all other troll race. By and large, dara promoting knowledge is greater than all, but part of the race important members are more eager to conquer. This part has a rebellious spirit of trolls finally from durham separated out of the tribe. As time slips, praise dara tribes evolved into the troll pastor of ethnic groups. Praise dara people preserve the troll race of history, they strive to achieve the goal of the troll unity.


Make all trolls respect most is great dara people day after day, people still keep the formation of the political system. Praise dara on average eight feet in height, and bloody, dhaka, trolls, their trolls are slightly larger than kin (other troll general 7 feet tall). With praise darla is inversely proportional to the size and profound knowledge, they are not set up Kings system, nor seek authority.

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